Lick Mat Slow Feeder For Dogs and Cats

With Suction for Dog Anxiety Relief, Perfect for Bathing Grooming.

Pet Treat/Yogurt/Peanut Butter/Spreads/Raw Food/Liquid Food/Pet Food

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Our Story

Goseeland. Means GO TO SEE THE LAND.
It is Judy here. In year 2017 I met an big fire accident, life is black to me, my face and two arms hurt badly.It changed me from a confidence and pretty girl to a disfigured girl.  Not only big big pain of medical dressing but also I lost my heart. When I close myself in house, my husband start to feed two cats, they are so curative and accompany me each day. Pets are the friend of human. Until one day, my colleague who manufacture pet products 20 years find me, I feel so happy work together with him and build our own brand "Goseeland". Those colorful pet items are so nice and life can be better and better when I work for those pet items. I am here thanks everyone who support me .